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Date Event
12/06/2009 Rescue Campionati Oceaniche Assoluti
10/06/2009 6th Italian Regional Championships
09/06/2009 RLSS Commonwealth Conference
09/06/2009 2009 RLSS Commonwealth Lifesaving Championships
06/06/2009 National Championship Summer Senior
06/06/2009 Kenya Lifesaving Championships
05/06/2009 Papa Joe's Long Distance Surfski Race
05/06/2009 German National Trials
30/05/2009 Canadian Pool Lifesaving Championships
28/05/2009 Canadian Lifesaving Championships
28/05/2009 Italian Ocean Championships
22/05/2009 Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting
21/05/2009 Roadsign Rescue
16/05/2009 RLSS UK Annual Conference & AGM
09/05/2009 2009 Arafura Games
08/05/2009 ILSE Board of Directors Meetings
02/05/2009 2009 SLSA Australian Pool Rescue Championships
02/05/2009 Oceanman Festival
26/04/2009 12th Hong Kong Lifeguard Grand Parade & Beach Games Championships
25/04/2009 Delegates Assembly SLRG SSS
23/04/2009 USLA Board of Directors Meeting and Educational Conference
11/04/2009 Open National French Pool Championships
11/04/2009 Championnats de France Junior Eau Plate
07/04/2009 Open Water surf course (IRB, board, swimming)
29/03/2009 National Championship teams Seniors
28/03/2009 National Championship teams Juniors
27/03/2009 International Surf Rescue Challenge
27/03/2009 Campionati Italiani Primaverili Assoluti
21/03/2009 New Zealand Royal Life Saving Championships
17/03/2009 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships 2009
07/03/2009 Championnats de France Sénior Eau Plate
28/02/2009 Seven States Australian Lifesaving Championships
28/02/2009 RLSS UK National Speed Championships
27/02/2009 Italian Spring Lifesaving Championships
27/02/2009 Campionati Italiani Categoria Junior & Senior
26/02/2009 National Championship Winter Senior + Junior
21/02/2009 Irish National Championships 2009
21/02/2009 National Still Water Championships Junior Competition
21/02/2009 National Still Water Championships Senior Competition
21/02/2009 National Still Water Championships Masters Competition
08/02/2009 Kenya Lifesaving Championships
01/02/2009 ILS Board of Directors Meeting 2009
29/01/2009 ILS Commission and Committee Meetings
22/01/2009 IX General Assembly of Russian Life Saving Society on water
16/01/2009 ILSE Commission Meetings
14/01/2009 RLSSA Australian Pool Lifesaving Championships 2009
08/11/2008 Kenya Lifesaving Championships
08/11/2008 Great Britain Surf Life Saving Conference
02/11/2008 Open National Championship Life Saving Pool Events 2008
19/10/2008 Coolangatta Gold
11/10/2008 RLSSA Grand Prix and Australian Short Course Pool Lifesaving Championships
11/10/2008 RLSSA Grand Prix and Australian Pool Lifesaving Championships
11/10/2008 RA Accreditation Course
02/10/2008 Deutsche Meisterschaft im Rettungsschwimmen
27/09/2008 Great Britain IRB Championships
25/09/2008 Spanish Championships per Region
20/09/2008 Irish Water Safety's National Surf Lifesaving Championships
20/09/2008 RA Accreditation Course
15/09/2008 ILSE Training Course
13/09/2008 Great Britain Open Surf Life Saving Championships