March 2006

Canada secures 2009 Commonwealth Champs

Canadaâ„¢s newly emerging position on the International Lifesaving Sport stage just took a huge jump forward. The Lifesaving Society, Canadaâ„¢s lifeguarding experts, is proud to announce that the 2009 Commonwealth…

The Alliance for Safe Children

The ILS Board of Directors was honoured to accept the Affiliate Memberhip application from “The Alliance for Safe Children (TASC). TASC is an international non profit organisation focusing its attention…

Report from Sri Lanka

The Lifesaving Association of Sri Lanka has produced a report on their activities during 2005 and report that their lifeguards/lifesavers have made 3,800 recorded rescues since their formation in 1947….

Rescue 2008 in Germany

At the ILS Board Meeting in February the bid of the German Life Saving Federation (DLRG) to organise Rescue 2008 has been approved. The next ILS World Championships “Rescue 2008…

Bravery Award for heroic action

The ILS Board has awarded the ‘ILS Bravery Award 2006’ to Stuart Harvey for his courage, professionalism and bravery during a rescue action on the Central Coast.