International Lifesaving Caps of the World

The ‘International Lifesaving Caps of the World’ is a unique register featuring competition caps from all full member countries of International Lifesaving. This is the first and only international register of its kind. The register highlights the ‘national’ cap for each full member country and lists the clubs and teams in alphabetical order. Caps can be searched by country or by colour groupings, assisting referees, media and the public in identifying the country, club or team during competition.

The register is based on Beach/Ocean competition including IRBs and Surf Boats. In most countries, the colours and designs are traditional. The colours and designs of all Caps included are those of the countries, clubs and teams named. Pool competition caps are not included as they are not used for identification purposes.

Over the past 8 months Philip McGibbon (SLSA Australia) has undertaken this project along with a Graphic Design student in an endeavour to produce the attached (see page-bottom).

The Register is not fully complete and there may be some errors, due to a number of Countries not providing a Cap, colour photo, or a drawing of their “National Team Cap”, nor of member clubs of that Country/Region.

Therefor, any additions to, deletions from and any amendments required may be provided to Philip McGibbon by 30 April 2016, to be able to prepare Version 2 in time for Rescue 2016.

The Register is in activated format, please click on a Country in the “Full Member” page and that will take you to that Country with Clubs listed in alphabetical order, or click on the Colour code to take you to that group of colours.