Lifesaving World Championships 2020

The ILS is pleased to confirm that the Lifesaving World Championships 2020 (LWC 2020) will take place in Riccione, Italy from 18th September to 5th October 2020.  The ILS has recently concluded discussions with the host, Federazione Italiana Nuoto (Sezione Salvamento) (FIN-S) and its Agent that will handle the accommodation and service package purchases.

The details of how to register for these packages, and also how to enter the LWC 2020 competitions are contained in the attached letter which has been sent to all ILS Member Federations earlier today.

14 June 2019 Letter LWC 2020 Final

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  1. Tugun Surf Club

  2. Avatar Biswajit Deb | 17th June 2019 at 7:08 am | Reply

    Looking forward for more details

  3. Please confirm that this is correct and will in fact happen. As our group of 6 have our accommodation.
    Can I still book without any services and receive a code to compete?
    Yes, that option will be possible, but is not encouraged. The people using this option will be able to receive a code in May 2020 to allow them to enter the competition. This will give them the possibility for one year to look and compare and hopefully realise that the offer from the FIN-S is the only way forward.

    • No, unfortunately, this is not correct. The guidance was republished as the first version published on 14th June was incorrect. All participants will need to go through the process of purchasing the accommodation and service packages before they can register for the competition.

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