LWC 2020 Competition Registration now open

The ILS is pleased to confirm that the competition registration systems for the Lifesaving World Championships 2020 (LWC 2020) in Riccione, Italy are now open.

Nations and their Clubs can now register their teams for the events which will take place from 18th September to 4th October 2020.

In order to register a team, a team manager/club administrator will need a valid Access Code.  This is supplied by the ORION Agency after purchasing the appropriate number of accommodation and service packages.  To purchase these use the event website:


Once in possession of the valid Access Code, to register a team in the OrgaNet system, a team manager/club administrator must first have opened an OrgaNet account.  Full details of how to apply for an OrgaNet account, and visual guides to assist in registering a team into specific Championshps are now available:


Some team managers may already have an OrgaNet account that they used to register their teams for LWC 2018 in Adelaide.  This account can continue to be used for LWC 2020 Competition Registration. However, all team managers are advised to view the visual guides as the process of registering a team has changed since LWC 2018. These short video guides will play on YouTube and show the OrgaNet system weblink.

Nations and club teams are encouraged to take advantage of the Early Registration rates that will apply up to 23rd December 2019.  Full details of the entry fees for teams and individuals and registration deadlines were published on the 14th June 2019: 


The ILS is continuing to work closely with the hosts of the Lifesaving World Championships 2020 (Federazione Italiana Nuoto – Sezione Salvamento (FIN-S)) to review the accommodation and service package arrangements for those intending to apply for appointment as a Technical Official.  Consequently, the Technical Official appointment process is being rescheduled, and will now commence towards the end of October 2019.  The current application process for those wishing to be appointed as Chief Referee or Deputy Chief Referee will continue to remain open until 22nd July 2019 as previously advertised, though the appointments from that exercise will not be made until the end of October 2019.

Further information will be made available by then to assist Technical Officials in selecting the right package for their requirements.  The ORION agency is working to source appropriate accommodation and tailor the service packages to better fit with the Technical Officials’ needs, recognising that these may be different to those required for teams and clubs entering LWC 2020. 

The ILS is aware of the comments being made on social media, some of which are inaccurate and, in some cases are bordering on offensive, and urge all to be careful when making claims that are unfounded.  The current information that is available is that which has been published here.  An FAQ list will shortly be published and this should be the first place to check before posting inaccurate assumptions on social media.

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