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Hrvatski Crveni križ

Croatian Red Cross

At the beginning of the year 1996, the Croatian Red Cross was accepted a full member of the International Life Saving Federation.

Upon the acceptance, Croatian Red Cross begins organising Water Life Saving Service and Ecological Protection of Costal Areas in Republic of Croatia.


  • Ensure and promote clean and safe beaches.
  • Incident prevention through organised courses and swimming schools.
  • Education of the whole community in protecting the costal environment.

Programme Activities (1997 - 2003)

  • Lifeguard team training.
  • Organizing swimming schools and courses.
  • Ecological awareness programme.

Water Life Saving in the Republic of Croatia presumes adaptation of water safety to world standards. That is why the Croatian Red Cross strives towards successful implementation of the Lifeguarding network throughout Croatian costal, river, lake and other aquatic areas.

Through its Water Life Saving Programme, the Croatian Red Cross endeavours to educate non-swimmers and to promote ecological awareness among the population in order to contribute to the overall aquatic areas' protection, safety and culture.

Postal Address: 
Crvenog kriza 14/1
P.O. Box 93
10001 Zagreb
+385 1 4655813
+358 1 4655814
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+385 1 4655365
ILS Regional Branch: 
Full Member