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Црвен крст на Република Македонија

Macedonian Red Cross - Water Safety Expert Centre

The Water Safety Centre of the Macedonian Red Cross became member of ILS end 1995.

The tasks of the Water Safety Centre of the Macedonian Red Cross are the education of the population about the potential danger in water and under water through: lectures in schools, councils through the media, training schools for those who do not know to swim, brochures, pamphlets and so on.

The duties of the Council are:

  • training of staff for water safety through courses and seminars
  • provision of rescuers for all the lakes and rivers in Macedonia and marking the beaches with swimming signs
  • struggle for implementing a state law for water safety
  • co-operation with the police and army for training of their personnel
  • co-operation with authorities being responsible for the management of the lakes and rivers
  • preparation for, and publication of a water safety manual
  • co-operation with counterpart organisations from other countries
  • co-operation with ILS
Postal Address: 
Kocho Racin Bulevard 13
1000 Skopje
+389 23114355
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+389 23230542
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Full Member