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Fédération Royale Marocaine de Plongée et d'Activités Subaquatiques

Royal Moroccan Underwater Federation

The Royal Moroccan Underwater Federation is a sport federation, representative of Ministry of Youth and Sports entry into force from 25th June 2015 according to the actual Moroccan laws.

The Federation aims to develop and promote by all appropriate means, in sport, the practice of all underwater or related activities and sports, including Fin swimming, Sport Diving, indoor and outdoor apnea, target shooting and recreational diving in artificial sites and natural sites, with the exception of spearfishing.

In Cultural, educational, scientific and tourism area, the Federation is working closely with other Ministries knowing that FRMPAS has signed partnerships with Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Youth and Sports and also MOUs with other public and private organizations in order to participate to the development of the Kingdom.

Also, FRMPAS involved in the field of improving knowledge, research and protection of underwater heritage and respect of the marine environment and submarine.

As part of the security practices of underwater activities in artificial sites and natural sites, FRMPAS participates in the teaching of rescue and first aid, and, it is involved in research missions and rescue.

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