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ILSE Board Meeting in Belgrade

The annual Board Meeting 2007 was organised by the Serbian member association, the Red Cross of Serbia, in Belgrade 22 â€" 24 June 2007 combined with an Extraordinary General Assembly.

17 of the 22 Board Members were present and worked in a very harmonic and efficient manner.

At the end of the meeting all participants were invited to a sightseeing tour by bus through Belgrade including the beautiful Belgrade Fortress.

The meeting ended with a fine dinner in the inner courtyard of the oldest restaurant of Belgrade, the “Question mark (?)”, introducing everybody to regional specialties, both liquid and solid.


Several applications of the Commissions concerning ILSE publications, the risk assessment process, safety standards for swimming pools, procurement of lifesaving equipment and some administrative applications were discussed and approved.

The following applications for the organisation of the European Championships for Juniors were approved:

  • in Canet-En-Roussillon (France), 30/08 â€" 02/09 2007
  • in Eindhoven (Netherlands), 08 â€" 14/09 2008.

Due to vacancies the Board appointed the following members to the Commissions with a period of office until the next ILSE General Assembly in Berlin (Germany) in July 2008:

Education Commission

  • Chairman: Dipl. Ing. Gerald Innerwinkler (Austria)
  • replaces the resigned Dipl. Ing. Walter Grimm (Austria)
  • Member: Dr. Sanja Mazic (Serbia) moved from the Development Aid Comm.
  • replaces Dr. Anna Göbl (Hungary)

Rescue Commission

  • Member: Dr. Daniel Hartmann (Israel) moved from Co-opted Member,
  • replaces Feodor Juric (Croatia)
  • Member: Georgios-Ioannis Tzikas (Greece)
  • replaces Georgios Marios Karagiannis (Greece)

Management and Administration Commission

  • Member: Milovan Ljubojevic (Montenegro)
  • replaces Dusko Bozovic (Montenegro)

Extraordinary General Assembly

Main topic on the agenda of the Extraordinary General Assembly was an application for the prolongation of the mandate period of the ILSE Board Members to the next General Assembly in July 2008 in Berlin (Germany). The application was approved.

Due to the unfortunate passing away of the Board Member Albert Bas (Netherlands) and the resignation of Paolo Barelli (Italy) additional candidates were elected as Directors in the ILS- and ILSE Board:

ILSE Board

  • Isabel Garcia Sanz (Spain)
  • Angleo Lattarulo (Italy)
  • Thomas ter Stege (Netherlands)

ILS Board

  • Dr. Nenad Javornik (Croatia)
  • Angelo Lattarulo (Italy)
  • Thomas ter Stege (Netherlands) as reserved position