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World Games underway for Lifesaving competitors

Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei, Thursday: The first day of Lifesaving Competition got underway at the Kaohsiung International Aquatic Centre here this morning with an opening ceremony featuring 98 of the world's fittest and fastest lifesavers.

International Lifesaving Federation (ILS) President, Dr Steve Beerman, thanked the crowd of several thousand for attending to support the drowning prevention and lifesaving sport.

“We are happy, healthy people from all parts of the world, here to celebrate the skill and sportsmanship of these great athletes," he said.

“Together we take small steps towards a more civil, friendly and safe pace for all of the world's children and families."

Teams from Australia, China, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa and host nation Chinese Taipei will compete over three days â€" two in the swimming pool and the final day in the ocean.

With 14 individual medals and two team medals up for grabs, competitors from all countries will be hoping to add to their country's overall tally.

Heats begin at 11:00h local time (13:00h AEST).

The individual events are:


  • 200 m Obstacle Swim - Women
  • 200 m Obstacle Swim - Men
  • 50 m Manikin Carry - Women
  • 50 m Manikin Carry - Men
  • 100 m Rescue Medley - Women
  • 100 m Rescue Medley - Men
  • 100 m Manikin Carry with Fins - Women
  • 100 m Manikin Carry with Fins - Men

Beach/Ocean Events

  • Surf Race - Women
  • Surf Race - Men
  • Board Race - Women
  • Board Race - Men
  • Oceanman
  • Oceanwoman

The team (non-medal) events are:


  • 4x25 m Manikin Relay - Women
  • 4x25 m Manikin Relay - Men
  • 4x50 m Obstacle Relay - Women
  • 4x50 m Obstacle Relay - Men
  • 4x50 m Medley Relay - Women
  • 4x50 m Medley Relay - Men


  • Rescue Tube Rescue - Women
  • Rescue Tube Rescue - Men
  • Board Rescue - Women
  • Board Rescue - Men