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IRB Rescue Tube Rescue

Teams are comprised of 1 victim, 1 driver, and 1 crew member. Victims are positioned at their respective victim buoys, set approximately 25 m on the seaward side of the turning buoys. Crew members are positioned on the beach side of the crew start / finish line, adjacent to their respective beach position indicators.

On the starter's signal, competitors launch their IRBs, proceed through the surf and turn around their respective turning buoy. The crew member dons the rescue tube harness.

After the IRB has rounded the turning buoy, the crew member with harness donned and the rescue tube held in a secure grip, enters the water and swim past the turning buoy to their victims.

The crew member secures the rescue tube around the arms of the victim and tows the victim back to the IRB. Once the crew member makes contact with the IRB or driver, he or she may board before the victim. The driver may assist the crew member and / or victim into the IRB. Victims may assist themselves in boarding the IRB.

After the "victim lift" into the IRB has commenced, the driver drives the IRB around the team's respective turning buoy and returns to shore to fin.