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IRB Team Rescue

Teams are comprised of 1 victim and 2 crews (1 driver and 1 crew member per crew). The victim is positioned on the seaward side of a designated buoy. Both crews are positioned on the beach side of the crew start / finish line adjacent to their beach position indicator.

On the starter's signal, the first crew launch the IRB and proceed through the surf to the victim. On the inside of the turn as the IRB rounds the buoy, the crew member jumps overboard on the seaward side of the buoy. The driver completes the buoy turn and returns to shore alone.

Meanwhile the crew member of the second crew moves into the water.

The first driver stays in contact and in control of the IRB until the second crew member secures and takes control of the IRB. The first driver runs up the beach and crosses the crew start/finish line to tag the second driver who proceeds to the IRB.

The second crew re-launch the IRB, proceed through the surf, to pick-up the victim and the first crew member, round their buoy, and return to shore to finish the event.