OrgaNet Video Manuals

The Competition Entry system that is used by the ILS to enable clubs/teams to enter into the Lifesaving World Championships (LWC) is OrgaNet.

Club Administrators/Team Managers must first apply for an OrgaNet account before proceeding to register their club/team and competitors into the appropriate LWC 2020 competition.

These visual guides have been prepared to show you first how to apply for your OrgaNet account.  If you already have an account that was used to enter the previous LWC, you do not need to set up another account but can move directly to the relevant guide to enter your club/team and competitors into the LWC 2020 events.

View the videos in YouTube – you can set the playback speed to suit your needs or pause the playback at any time if you need to move through it more slowly

Apply for an OrgaNet account

There will be visual guides for the following:

  • National Team (Open or Youth)
  • Interclub Team (Open or Youth)
  • Interclub Masters
  • Interclub Surf Boat
  • Interclub and National Teams IRB