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ILS Event Director

The International Life Saving Federation (ILS) is looking for an experienced Event Director to supervise the management of ILS Events.

A successful ILS Event Director must have a broad knowledge of Lifesaving Event Management and must have a strategic mindset to assist potential organisers to bid for the events and to assist appointed Hosts and Organising Committees in the preparation and the production of the Events. The goal is to ensure that every ILS Event be delivered successfully and will add the highest possible value to the organisation.


The individual selected as Event Director would sign a service agreement with the ILS and mainly from home or from the ILS Headquarters in Leuven and work on average 40 hours per week. Payment will be made on the production of monthly time sheets and an official invoice. The person would take care of his/her own taxes and tax related costs in his/her country. All reasonable expenses will be paid in line with ILS policies.

The service fees are 2.400 Euro per month. Furthermore, the ILS would take care of the payment of the following Mission costs:

  • Office costs – For those based away from the ILS HQ, ILS will contribute a maximum of 150 Euro per months to cover office costs such: electricity, heating, printing and general office supplies.
    Communication costs – for those based away from the ILS HQ, ILS will contribute 50 Euro to costs of internet, telephone, skype, etc.
  • Airport transport costs: see the ILS Policy 09: Expense Policy, namely 0.40 Euro per km.
  • Overnight accommodation and incidental expenses, meal allowances, etc.: see ILS Expense Policy.
  • Lifesaving World Championships (LWC): the ILS Event Director will be included in the ILS staff numbers and his/her airline ticket, accommodation, meals and local transport will be covered by the Organiser of the LWC.
  • World Conference on Drowning Prevention (WCDP): the ILS Event Director will be included in the ILS staff numbers and his/her airline ticket, accommodation, meals and local transport will be covered by the Organiser of the WCDP.
  • World Games: the airline ticket will be covered by the ILS. The accommodation, meals and local transport will be covered by the Organisers of the World Games.
    SportAccord: the airline ticket, accommodation, meals and local transport will be covered by the ILS.
  • Other approved missions: the airline ticket, accommodation, meals and local transport will be covered by the ILS.


The ideal candidate needs to demonstrate:

  • Proven experience as Event Manager and coordinator or similar position.
  • In-depth understanding and knowledge of Event Management and development procedures.
  • Solid organisational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills.
  • Knowledge of budgeting, bookkeeping and reporting.
  • Advanced IT skills, especially Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Access and Power Point.
  • Ability to work with diverse and multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Excellent client-facing and internal communication skills.
  • Excellent time-management and organisational skills.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English. Basic knowledge of other languages would be beneficial.
  • Good attention to detail.
  • Education level: ideally Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts or equivalent. A degree or diploma in Event Management or an MBA or a qualification in Project Management would be an advantage.

The ILS Event Director will work alongside the executive team, reporting to the ILS Secretary General. The ILS Event Director will regularly report to the ILS President, the ILS Secretary General and the relevant Commissions (Sport, Drowning Prevention and Business). The ILS Event Director could be asked to report items to the Board of Directors.


Main responsibilities

  1. Under the direction of the appropriate Commission, manage and or coordinate functions and activities relating to the conduct of international events run directly by the ILS.
    • The ILS Lifesaving World Championships.
    • The ILS World Conference on Drowning Prevention.
    • Other events determined by the ILS Board of Directors, such as World Games, Military World Games, etc.

    Under the Direction of the Commission Chairs manage and or coordinate, in the planning and delivery in the conduct of ILS events including:

    • In close cooperation with the relevant Commission (Sport, Drowning Prevention or Business) monitor the host delivery plan of the ILS Events to ensure all delivery milestones are met.
    • If requested, participating at Co-Com meetings, whether these are held face to face or electronically by video/telephone.
    • Providing regular reports to the relevant ILS Commission Chairs (Sport, Drowning Prevention or Business) on progress against the delivery milestones.
    • If requested, maintain regular liaison and interaction with the appropriate Local Organising Committee (LOC) representatives to ensure all milestones are met.
    • Providing hands-on support where required to the LOC to assist in securing the provision of services required for the event (e.g. Equipment Pool suppliers), and to resolve issues affecting the planned delivery of the event.
    • Maintaining regular liaison and interaction with the relevant ILS Commission Chairs and/or their nominee (Sport, Drowning Prevention or Business) to ensure that all issues requiring their attention are referred for appropriate discussion/decisions and outcomes communicated to the LOC.
    • Attending the event on-site from the opening of the event to the closing.
    • In conjunction with the Commission Chairs, assist in the de-brief with the LOC to identify areas for improvement for subsequent events.
    • Working with the host to provide an end-of-event report which will include all necessary details, such as statistics, financials, economic impact of hosting the ILS event, etc.
    • Assisting in the preparation of the overall programme of the Events and guiding the LOC.
    • Assisting in the preparation of the detailed programme of the Events. In case of a Lifesaving World Championship, assisting in the preparation of the programme per championship.
    • Assisting in information for the programme booklet.
    • Assisting with the liaison with Technical Officials.
    • Assisting with the appointment of Technical Officials: calling for nomination, liaising with COP and Chief Referees, checking appointments, monitor appointments, prepare appointment schedules.
    • Dealing with daily enquiries regarding the LWC on issues such as rule clarifications, enquiries from LOC on various issues, etc.
  2. Manage, under the supervision of the Bid and Oversight Committee and the Business Commission, the ILS Bid and Oversight Process for the Events held by the ILS.

    This includes:

    • The Lifesaving World Championships held every 2 years – the bid process aims to have the host selected for the Lifesaving World Championships at least 4 years in advance of the event.
    • The World Conference on Drowning Prevention held every two years – the bid process aims to have the host selected for the World Conference on Drowning Prevention at least 4 years in advance of the event.

    Managing the Bid and Oversight Process including:

    • Drafting all ILS Bid Application documentation for approval by the ILS Business Commission for issue to all interested parties.
    • Managing the process of evaluating and inspecting all bids received by the agreed deadline.
    • Preparing a report for the ILS Board regarding the strengths and weaknesses of all bids received.
    • Managing the Bid Presentation session to the ILS Board of Directors.
    • Working with the chosen hosts to ensure that the contract to host is agreed and signed within 3 months of securing the bid.
    • After the end of each bid process, reviewing the content of the bid documentation with the relevant Commission.
  3. Manage ILS functions at the Multi-Sport Events/Games

    Assist in the management, in close cooperation with the ILS Sport Commission, of Multi-Sport Events/Games such as the World Games, the World Masters Games, the Military World Games, etc.

  4. Promotion of the ILS Events at International Meetings

    Promote, when appropriate and under the supervision of the ILS President and ILS Secretary General, the ILS events at International Meetings.

  5. Production of documents

    The ILS Event Director will, in close collaboration with the appropriate Commission and ILS headquarters, assist in the creation of “Transfer of Knowledge” packages. The vision of the Transfer of Knowledge programme is to contribute to maintaining the unique value and success of the ILS Events and experience through transferring knowledge and expertise from one edition to the next, making sure that the contextual elements are properly taken care of. The programme will provide an integrated platform of services and documentation which will assist the Organising Committees in the bidding phase as well as in the preparation and realisation phase of the Events. The programme includes, amongst others, the creation of policies, procedures, technical manuals, economic impact documents, statistical and other information from previous organisers, knowledge reports and a range of other useful documents and publications that are all available on a dedicated intranet.

  6. Data-bases and web site

    The ILS Event Director will also assist in keeping up-to date the ILS databases regarding the Events as well as the ILS web site regarding the Events.

  7. Other assignments

    The ILS Event Director will be requested to also execute other assignments as required.


    Before 01/03/2017
    Launch of the call for nominations.
    Deadline for the receipt of Nominations.
    First week of May
    The ILS President, ILS Secretary General and Chair of the Business Commission will do a document analysis and compare the CV’s of the candidates and decide on the hiring of the selected candidate.
    Second week of May
    Suitable candidates will be invited to interview. Face to face or Skype.
    Before 30 May
    A service agreement will be signed between ILS and the selected candidate.

    Candidates are requested to provide a full curriculum vitae as well as a motivation letter why they feel that they are the best person for the job to the ILS headquarters on