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  • 2016 LWC Special Offer

    The organising committee of the 2016 LWC and partners Rescue Marine Services are pleased to offer a special 40% discount off the price of a new Arancia IRB, Tohatsu ‘Surf’ engine and Nauta fuel tank & cover. Please see the attached flyer for more information and visit or email for more information.

  • ILS-Americas Region Elections

    ILS Americas held elections for the next cycle. In accordance with the ILS-AM bylaws a 30 day comment/nomination period and a 30 day voting period and the election was held by e-mail (allowing for language differences etc.).

  • ILS Asia Pacific Regional Planning Meeting – in Tokyo

    Japan Lifesaving Association hosted the ILS Asia Pacific Regional Planning Meeting held 3rd June – 5th June at Tokyo. Delegates from Australia-Royal, Australia-Surf, Hong Kong China, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and ILS president Graham Ford AM attended, and the meeting has been successfully proceeded by the lead of Purushottam Sharma – Regional President and Justin Scarr – Regional Secretary General.

  • WaterWise Education in Mauritius

    Following a dramatic drowning where a girl was caught in a rip current and her father who tried to rescue her lost his life, Surf Life Saving Mauritius developed an action plan teaching 25 youths how to educate swimmers in collaboration with Tamarin Youth centre. WaterWise Manager Eoudia Erasmus visited our volunteers where she shared her knowledge to them.

    In January These youths then went door to door, to shops, schools, senior citizens and all in all 400 swimmers were educated in WaterWise.

  • For Life's Sake - The Dangers of Driving through Floodwater

    Flooding is the most common natural disaster in Australia and causes great loss of life. Unfortunately, most fatalities occur because people underestimate the danger they are in or are entering into. But some simple understanding of the nature of floodwater could easily save a life.

  • Argentinian Team at LWC2016

    The Equipo Profesional de Salvamento Acuatico (Argentina) confirms the Argentinian Team for the 2016 Lifesaving World Championships: Full list here.

  • WG2017 Water Venue

    All competitions of The World Games 2017 will be held in sports arenas, stadiums and multifunctional objects, that in most, already exist in Wroclaw.

  • Rules for Bathing

    The DLRG (Germany) created a poster to inform youngsters of bathing rules.

    It is available in multiple languages as a printable poster-format at the following link:

  • In 2018 The Aussies will return to Perth

    In 2018 Surf Life Saving Australia’s largest National Championships, The Aussies, will return to Perth (Western Australia) following the announcement of Scarborough Beach as the host of the 2018 Australian Surf Life Saving Championships.

  • Afogamento aquático

    Dr. David Szpilman MD from SOBRASA (Brasil) was a guest in the TV-show 'Voce na TV' on the Portugese TVI channel during a segment about aquatic drowning.