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ILS Asia-Pacific Sport Development Workshop

Tuesday, 8 November, 2016 to Thursday, 10 November, 2016

ILS Asia-Pacific is conducting a lifesaving sport workshop comprising a number of theory and practical sessions delivered by relevant experts in their fields and supported by emerging coaches targeted at beach/ocean lifesaving coaches. This project will be under the guidance and support of ILS Asia Pacific and its key developed Member Organisations.


The International Life Saving Federation (ILS) is the world authority for drowning prevention, lifesaving and lifesaving sport. ILS leads, collaborates and partners with national and international organisations to prevent drowning, to promote the provision of lifesaving services and oversee lifesaving sport throughout the world.

ILS promotes and organises lifesaving sports and regularly organises international aquatic lifesaving competitions in order to stimulate the interest of competitors to improve their ability and willingness to save people who are in danger in the aquatic environment. Lifesaving sport helps develop the lifesavers' skills, knowledge and techniques, and plays an important role in providing opportunities to enhance global relationships among ILS Member Organisations.

Lifesaving sport engages youth and adults from all nations in the mutual pursuit of excellence in lifesaving. The global focus on cooperation and teamwork to reduce the burden of drowning is a compelling opportunity. Increasing the participation of youth in lifesaving sport is part of the engagement strategy. Lifesaving sport is an important component of this mission.

This Project will provide an opportunity for the International Life Saving Federation (ILS) Asia Pacific Region to further develop capacity and capability in the sport of beach/ocean lifesaving within its member organisations.


One of the primary goals of the ILS within its Strategic Framework 2016 to 2020 is to “expand the scope, reach and recognition of lifesaving sport.”

Further, the ILS Asia Pacific Regional Plan 2016 to 2020 has identified Sport development as a priority area. Specifically, “a coordinated approach to working together to develop lifesaving sport athletes, officials and event managers, increasing the number and quality of sport development opportunities by linking to existing events, running workshops and engaging in the Lifesaving World Championships in our region.”

This project will deliver on a key strategic goal of ILS and its Asia Pacific Region.


Project Title: Lifesaving as a Sport – Beach/Ocean Coaching Workshop

Project purpose: To deliver a lifesaving sport workshop targeted at beach/ocean lifesaving coaches that draws together those ILS Member Organsisations where their respective lifesaving sport program is developing or emerging and which needs further skill development. This project will be under the guidance and support of ILS Asia Pacific and its key developed Member Organisations.

Project objective: To stimulate and facilitate increased lifesaving sport activity through focusing on coaching to build local capacity in beach/ocean lifesaving sport knowledge, skill and networks which with ongoing guidance and assistance will lead to a improved sporting opportunities and also contribute to a reduction in drowning death and injury across the Asia Pacific Region.

Project overview: The project is essentially a workshop comprising of both therory and practical sessions held in a strategic regional location that enables targeted ILS Member Organisations while minimising costs of participation.

The activities would include:

  • A beach/ocean lifesaving sport coaching program that comprises a number of theory and practical sessions delivered by relevant experts in their fields and supported by emerging coaches.
  • Participation in a beach/ocean lifesaving competition whereby program participants can put their new learning to practice while under the supervision and mentorship. The workshop will also foster:
    1. Sharing of information on lifesaving sport and coaching
    2. Sharing of information on coaching plans, monitoring and evaluation
    3. Develop strategies, tactics and mechanisms that will lead to sustainable actions.

Project timing: During the period Wednesday, 7 December to Sunday 11 December 2016.

Location: Phuket, Thailand.

  • Main Hotel is the Andaman Embrace Resort, Patong – web site at
    NOTE: The owner of the Resort has provided special rates for the Workshop at 50% normal rates
  • The beach/ocean competition will be held on Patong Beach in conjunction with the Phuket Surf Lifesaving Competition 2016 on Saturday, 10 December 2016.