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RLSS Commonwealth Festival of Lifesaving

Tuesday, 8 August, 2017 to Saturday, 12 August, 2017
King’s Park Swimming Pool, Durban, KwaZulu Natal

The Commonwealth Festival of Lifesaving will be held from 8th to 12th August 2017 at the King’s Park Swimming Pool, Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

The new look festival aims to encourage participation, lifesaving development and the bringing together of the Lifesaving Family. This will be achieved through the introduction of an individual skill element and a sports development section (non-competitive) in addition to the more tradition Commonwealth Lifesaving Championships.

Commonwealth Championships for National and Development Teams from all in the Commonwealth.

Events to include:

  • 50m Manikin Carry
  • 100m Manikin Carry with Fins
  • 100m Manikin Tow with Fins
  • 200m Super lifesaver
  • 4 x 25m Manikin Carry Relay
  • 4 x 50m Medley Relay

The Lifesaving Challenge for individuals from across the Commonwealth.

This will form the Lifesaving Skills element of the Festival, during which individuals will test their lifesaving skills on an international stage. The event will be conducted in both male and female categories and is open to all members of the Commonwealth Lifesaving family.

This championship will be comprised of the following events:

  • Aquatic Simulated Emergency Response Event
  • Simulated Emergency Response Event Resuscitation Test
  • 100m Swim and Non-Contact Tow
  • 12.5 m Line Throw
  • 100m Lifesaving Medley Swim - (lifesaving back stroke and side stroke)

For further information including rules and entry timelines please visit