Cuerpo de Voluntario de los Botes Salvavidas

Volunteer Corps Lifeboats (Chile)

The Volunteer Corps Lifeboats of Valparaiso, is non-profit, since the year 1925, is dedicated to lifesaving at the sea, has rescuers highly qualified, has Operations Vessels for rescues offshore and near the coasts. In the past 10 years, our institution has turned his focus to the beaches due to the increase on drownings victims. That has conducted in free of charge seminars and courses for lifeguards, with the participation of specialists from different countries, has been made several prevention workshops as well. Also it has incorporated one of our rescue units to patrol and rescue drowning victims near the beaches. Our institution is formed by volunteers with high standards, recognized nationally and internationally.

Our intention is keep going with prevention workshops as a primary factor to prevent drownings. In the same way working with a national scope to improve the lifeguards level in their work in beaches rescues and swimming pool too.

In the same way we have signed some agreements with international organizations such as SOBRASA from Brazil, working in Prevention and Rescue.

Also we are members of the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) and partners with several research works.

Also in the last 5 years we have trained youth teams, to encourage responsibility in waterways leading in that way the action of social responsibility that we have in our country


ILS Americas - ILS Corresponding Member

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Muelle Prat S/N
Puerto de Valparaíso

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Last Updated: 11th April 2019