Lifesaving Society Korea

Historically, South Korea has long time experience of domestic lifeguarding and aquatic safety training program due to its geological characteristics (peninsula).

Public Education for drowning prevention and lifeguard training have been conducted over 100 years from many organizations such as Korean Red Cross, YMCA, and other lifesaving organizations.

However aquatic safety practices have been very inactive and the knowledge and skills for lifeguarding and lifesaving have been behind international standard because safety issue had been out of public interest for long time and lifesaving organizations had had very rare chance to be involved in international lifesaving.

To adapt international lifesaving standard in South Korea to improve public education and training and to cooperate with international lifesaving organizations Lifesaving Society Korea founding committee formed in Seoul in 2000.

Basic objectives of Lifesaving Society Korea are:

  • Drowning prevention activities (public education, research, training, etc)
  • Form working groups to promote drowning prevention in South Korea and worldwide Foster lifesaving sports
  • Contribute international lifesaving movement
  • Set lifesaving and lifeguarding standard in South Korea
  • Other drowning prevention related business

To achieve organization’s goal, Lifesaving Society Korea officially founded in 2007. And started setting up national network. Many experts from domestic lifesaving organizations participated in Lifesaving Society Korea to devote their expertise and enthusiasm for improving lifesaving and lifeguarding in South Korea.

In 2008 Lifesaving Society Korea registered in fire and disaster management centre of Seoul which is lifesaving umbrella organization in Seoul City.

In 2009 Lifesaving Society Korea registered in National Emergency Management Agency which is governmental umbrella organization by satisfying high standard requirement. Also Lifesaving Society Korea started collaborating with National Maritime Police Agency (Korean Coast Guard) to prevent aquatic accidents in 2009.

With 100 year lifesaving experience from many organizations and international involvement, Lifesaving Society Korea contributes to set lifesaving and lifeguarding standard and lead drowning prevention in South Korea.


ILS Asia-Pacific - ILS Associate Member

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Lifesaving Society Korea
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South Korea

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Last Updated: 1st February 2019