ILSE General Assembly held in Nottwil, Switzerland

The General Assembly of the International Lifesaving Federation of the European Region (ILSE) was held in Nottwil (Switzerland) from 9 to 12 October 2003.

The General Assembly of the International Lifesaving Federation of the European Region (ILSE) was held in Nottwil (Switzerland) from 9 to 12 October 2003.

It was masterly organised by the Swiss Lifesaving Association in the beautiful and very functional ex-training centre of the Swiss Red Cross located at the borders of the Sempachersee in the little town of Nottwil.

The General Assembly voted, amongst others, on the many resolutions presented by the Board of Directors and also held its Statutory Elections in the Board of Directors as well as in the ILSE Commissions.


The following ILSE Board Members were elected:

  • Dr. Klaus Wilkens PhD (Germany) ” President
  • Bertil Werner (Sweden) ” Senior Vice-President
  • Frank Nolan (Ireland) ” Vice-President
  • Marcelino Lopez Jimenez (Spain) ” Vice-President
  • Jerzy Telak (Poland) ” Vice-President
  • Dr. Dirk Bissinger PhD (Germany) ” Secretary General
  • Paolo Barelli (Italy) ” Member
  • Sir Albert Bas (Netherlands) ” Member
  • Arunas Burksas (Lithuania) ” Member
  • Daniel Frei (Switzerland) ” Member
  • Walter Grimm (Austria) ” Member
  • Dr. Nenad Javornik MD (Croatia) ” Member
  • Georges Karagiannis (Greece) ” Member
  • John Martin (Great Britain) ” Member
  • Gheorghe Oancea (Romania) ” Member
  • Polis Palikaros (Cyprus) ” Member
  • Dr. Todor Popov MD (Bulgaria) ” Member
  • Jean Pierre Soubiran (France) – Member
  • Cdr. Rik Voorhelst (Belgium) ” Member
  • Kenneth White (United Kingdom) ” Member

The following representatives of Europe to the ILS Board of Directors were elected:

  • Dr. Klaus Wilkens PhD (Germany) ” ILS Vice-President
  • Paolo Barelli (Italy) ” Member for Europe
  • Marcelino Lopez Jimenez (Spain) ” Member for Europe
  • John Martin (Great Britain) ” Member for Europe
  • Frank Nolan (Ireland) ” Member for Europe
  • Bertil Werner (Sweden) ” Member for Europe
  • Kenneth White (United Kingdom) ” Member for Europe

First reserve: Sir Albert Bas (Netherlands)

Financial Examiners

  • Paul Burke (Ireland).
  • Ludger Schülte Hulsmann (Germany).


The Board of Directors appointed the following members in the ILSE Commissions:

Education Commission

Chair: Walter Grimm (Austria), Vice-Chair: Arie van den Broek (Netherlands), Secretary: Volkmar Friemel (Germany), Members: Boixeda Agustin (Spain), Olives Bowes (United Kingdom), Dr. Roger Fayet (Switzerland), Nicola Jagic (Croatia), Michael Murphy (Ireland), Alessandro Sabatini (Italy), Dr. Anna Göbl (Hungary).

Rescue Commission

Chair: Martin O’Sullivan (Ireland), Vice-Chair: Ortwin Kreft (Germany), Secretary: Brian Sims (United Kingdom), Members: Danny Bryant (Great Britain), Franco Danieli (Italy), Feodor Juric (Croatia), George Kargiannis (Greece), Claes Thorell (Sweden), Teodora Tomova (Bulgaria), Sandor Bagyo (Hungary).

Sport Commission

Chair: Maria Teresa Paredes Fargas (Spain), Vice-Chair: Dr. Detlev Mohr PhD (Germany), Secretary: John Martin (Great Britain), Members: Janet Castro (United Kingdom), Michael Cuddihy (Ireland), Bob Dekkers (Netherlands), Christer Junefelt (Sweden), Frans Kenis (Belgium), Jack Leclercq (France),
Giampalolo Longobardo (Italy).

Development Aid Commission

Chair: Helmut Stöhr (Germany), Vice-Chair: Harry F. Boersma (Netherlands), Secretary: Sheila Norman (United Kingdom), Members: Giuseppe Andreana (Italy), Paul Burke (Ireland), Krasimir Gigov (Bulgaria).

Medical Advisor:

Dr. Anthony Handley MD (United Kingdom/Ireland).

Management and Administration Commission

Chair: Marcelino Lopez Jimenez (Spain), Vice-Chair: John Leech (Ireland), Secretary: Ludger Schülte Hulsmann (Germany), Members: Peter Binney (Great Britain), Daniel Frei (Switzerland), Di Standley (United Kingdom).

Prof. Dr. Stoyan Saev was unanimously elected as the Honourary Life Member of the ILSE Board and received the Certification from the ILSE President.

Meeting Wrap-up

Twenty-four nations were present or represented at the event: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Great Britain – Surf, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom – Royal.

The meeting was very well prepared and a lot of credits went to Helga Wilkens, executive secretary of ILSE for her ongoing dedication to the DLRG, ILSE and lifesaving in general.

The Swiss Lifesaving Association has spared no efforts to make the stay of all people as perfect as possible.