ILS International Certificates

Upon request of an ILS Full Member Organisation/Federation, the ILS delivers International Certificates for the accredited courses that are listed on the Equivalency Tables.

How do you qualify?

As a lifesaver or lifeguard, you must be a member of an National ILS Member Organisation/Federation which has been approved as meeting ILS Training Competencies.

To see which ILS member Organisation/Federations allow lifesavers/lifeguards to earn ILS Certificates, please check the Equivalency Tables page.

You must have successfully completed an approved course in order to be certified.

How do you apply?

  1. Please contact the national ILS Member Federation where you followed your training and ask for the ILS Certificate Request Form.
  2. Fill in the request form completely and add a good passport size picture.
  3. Mail it to your Federation together with the requested fee.
  4. Your Federation will forward the application to the ILS Headquarters.
  5. The ILS Headquarters will process the request and mail the Certificate back to your Federation.
  6. The certificate is then sent to you by your Federation.

Please note

Only accredited and approved National Certificates can be converted to ILS International Certificates. All accredited national certifications are listed on the Equivalency Tables. Only for these certifications, ILS can deliver International Certificates. ILS never delivers International Certificates to individual requests, only to its Member Organisations/Federations.

The ILS certificates do not represent a license that guarantees employment, but they do confirm that the holder of the certificate has successfully completed a course of training which meets minimum internationally recognised competencies developed by the ILS.

What are the ILS Educational Standards for the various qualifications??

What comes with an ILS International Certificate?

  • A coloured presentation certificate, with individual certificate number.
    Example of Certificate (Appendix 1)
  • An identity card, with photo and number.
    Example of ID card (Appendix 2)
  • An appropriate coloured badge (embroidered cotton).
  • An appropriate coloured pin.

More information?

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