ILS Commissions and Committees

The ILS has created five Commissions:

  • Athletes Commission (newly created in March 2021)
  • Drowning Prevention Commission
  • Rescue Commission
  • Sport Commission
  • Business Commission

Athletes Commission

– a call for nominations from active and/or recently retired athletes (within 5 years) will be made shortly to fill the positions on this newly created Commission. 

The Chair is Steven Kent – Surf Life Saving New Zealand

Athletes Commission Members

Drowning Prevention Commission

– the Chair is Justin Scarr – Royal Life Saving Society Australia

This Commission operates through the following Committees:

  • Drowning Research and Data Committee
  • The Child Drowning Committee
  • Swimming and Water Safety Education Committee
  • Water Safety Coordination, Advocacy Planning Committee
  • Drowning Prevention and Disaster Committee
  • Migrant and Refugee Drowning Prevention Committee

Drowning Prevention Commission and Committee Members

Rescue Commission

– the Chair is Adam Weir – Surf Life Saving Australia

This Commission operates through the following Committees:

  • Rescue Operations Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Medical Committee

Rescue Commission and Committee Members

Sport Commission

– the Chair is Dave Thompson AM – Surf Life Saving Australia

This Commission operates through the following Committees:

  • Lifesaving Sport Regulations Committee
  • Lifesaving Sport Equipment Committee
  • Lifesaving Sport Education Committee
  • Future of Lifesaving Sport Committee
  • Lifesaving Sport Development Committee
  • Lifesaving Sport for All Committee
  • Lifesaving Sport Administration Committee
  • Multi-Sport Games Committee
  • Sport Liaison Committee

Sport Commission and Committee Members

Business Commission

– the Chair is Dr Mohamed Ali Gharbal -Royal Moroccan Lifesaving Federation

This Commission operates through the following Committees:

  • Risk Management Committee
  • Rules, Regulations and Policy Framework
  • Marketing and Revenue Generation Committee

Additionally there are a number of specialised Working Groups covering various topics such as Contract Management, Financial Management, Compliance, Asset Management, Communication, Sustainability, Academy and E-Learning etc

Business Commission and Committee Members

ILS Standing Committees

The ILS has the following Standing Committees that report directly to the ILS Board of Directors:

  • Chancellery
  • Membership Committee
  • Event Management Committee