Event Sanctioning

All competitions organised under the patronage of ILS should be sanctioned. No World Record can be broken on events that are not sanctioned by ILS.

Sanction Procedure Quick overview

(Please refer to the ILS Sanctioning Guidelines (v2016) for more comprehensive details.)

  1. The Host Organisation wishing to conduct a competition, mails to the National Federation:

2. The National Federation verifies the Sanction Form, the insurances and all other related documents.

When the National Federation endorses the competition, it sends:

  • the Sanctioning Form and payment of 100 Euro to the ILS Headquarters
  • a copy of the endorsement to the Host Organisation.

3. For record recognition the following form has to be completed and sent to the ILS Custodian of Records (details on the form).

Please be reminded that world records shall not be recognised without a negative doping test certificate (unless the record was achieved at Interclub or National Teams Lifesaving World Championships, World Games, or ILS regional championships – where there is in place a system of targeted and random tests in accordance with the ILS anti-doping rules).

For further information regarding recognition of word records and anti-doping testing, see the ILS Competition Rulebook under “World records”.


  • The ILS World championships, Regional championships and the World Games are by definition sanctioned ILS events. No Sanctioning application is required.
  • A sanctioning site visit can be organised (if required) by an appointed ILS Sports Commission’s representative.
  • The ILS Headquarters include the competition in the official ILS Sports Calendar.