Governor of Lifesaving

Minimum Qualifications
A generous offer to provide advice and assistance to the ILS, including assisting with
future fundraising efforts, and a contribution to the ILS of € 50,000. (This may include
earlier contributions).
 Duration of Membership: Life.
 Personalised Membership Card.
 Membership Certificate.
 Double Diamond Award of Governor of International Lifesaving.
 Name listed in the ILS Golden Book.
 In total 24 vouchers for the ILS Official Dinners.
 15 vouchers of VIP accreditations at the Lifesaving World Championships Rescue
 Presentation cover for Certificate.
 10% discount on the ILS Shop.
 Name properly advertised in the ILS documents.
 Name, picture and 10 lines posted on the ILS web site.
 40 ILS Stickers, 40 Badges, 40 Pins.
 Mailing costs.
The Governor Double Diamond Donor of International Lifesaving will receive a
nominative invitation for the ILS World Championships (Rescue Series) and ILS
Conferences and receive a special and appropriate treatment at these Events, e.g. a
special seat, invitation to present medals, public introduction and thanks at awards. The
Governor Double Diamond Donor will receive an Governor’s Award/Decoration at a
special ceremony organised for this purpose. The Award comprises a decoration, a mini-
decoration, a rosette, an appropriate case and a specially framed certificate.