The ILS Charter

The ILS Charter is produced by an Australian artist on a leather parchment, interweaving lifesaving designs with calligraphic texts using gold plated ink.

It was donated by Kevin Weldon AM, Founding President of the ILS.

The original is conserved at the ILS Headquarters. Reproductions are available for member organisations.

The text on the Charter is as follows:

“With this signature I endorse the integration of the Fédération Internationale de Sauvetage Aquatique (FIS) and World Life Saving (WLS) to form a new world body the International Life Saving Federation (ILS).

This merger unites the kindred spirit of two of the world’s great still-water and surf-lifesaving bodies and their shared tradition of dedication to the protection and preservation of human life in the aquatic environment.

The International Life Saving Federation is the worthy achievement of men and women of goodwill who selflessly pooled their special talents and resources in the conviction that a united body would advance the cause of water safety to higher levels, new lands and broader horizons.

The International Life Saving Federation is pledged to improve aquatic life saving and resuscitation techniques; develop life saving education; exchange practical, medical and scientific experiences; encourage uniformity in life saving equipment, safety symbols and laws; promote life saving sports; help prevent pollution in our waters and to spread aquatic life saving skills to every corner in the world.

More than 250.000 men, women and children drown in the world each year. The task is set, the road is long, but the ultimate reward is life itself.

The Charter was signed on 3 September 1994 in Cardiff – United Kingdom by the following authorities:

On behalf of FIS: Klaus Bartnitzke (Germany – DLRG) – FIS President.
On behalf of WLS: Allan Ross (South Africa) – WLS President.
On behalf of ILS: Kevin Weldon, AM (Australia – Surf) – ILS Founding President.”