Senator of Lifesaving

Amount in Euro: 25,000

Selection Procedure: Nominated by the ILS Chancellery and decided by majority vote of the ILS Board of Directors.

Minimum Qualification: A generous offer to provide advice and assistance to ILS, including assisting with future fundraising efforts, and a onetime contribution to ILS of € 25,000 (This may include earlier contributions).


  • The duration of membership is for life.
  • Each Senator in Lifesaving receives:
    • A personalised Membership Card.
    • A Membership Certificate presented in a luxury cover.
    • An Award of Senator in Lifesaving.
  • Furthermore, the Senator in Lifesaving is listed in the ILS Golden Book that is kept in the Lifesaving Hall of Fame at the ILS Headquarters.
  • The Senator in Lifesaving is invited to all Lifesaving World Championships (Rescue Series) and at the event the Senator will receive:
    • In total a number of 12 VIP accreditations.
    • In total a number of 30 invitations to the ILS Official Dinner.
    • In total a number of three breakfasts with the ILS President.
  • Besides the above, the Senator in Lifesaving will have his/her name presented in the bi-annual book of lifesaving during the term of membership.
  • Additional benefits include a 10% discount on ILS Shop, a free subscription to the ILS Newsletter, an appropriate amount of ILS stickers, badges pins and other promotional items.

The Senator receives a nominative invitation for the ILS World Championships (Rescue Series) and receives a special and appropriate treatment at these series, e.g. a special seat, invitation to present medals and thanks at awards.

The Senator receives a Senator’s Award/Decoration at a special ceremony organised for this purpose. The Award comprises a decoration, a mini-decoration, a rosette, an appropriate case and a specially framed certificate.