World Games

The International World Games Association (IWGA) organises the World Games every four years, one year after the Summer Olympic Games.

The World Games are often called the “Olympic” Games for the non-Olympic Sports and were first held in Santa Clara (USA) in 1981. The Games are a Multi-Sport Event where over 30 Sports are organised during a period of 14 Days. Lifesaving Sports (both pool and beach-surf) are on the programme since its second edition in London in 1985.

The lifesaving competition lasts two days and normally only in the pool. The eight best lifesaving teams, and eight best individuals in each event in the World can participate in these top Games and the selection is normally made at the World Championships one year before holding the Games.

  • 2001: Akita (Japan)
  • 1997: Lahti (Finland)
  • 1993: Den Haag (Netherlands)
  • 1989: Kahrsruhe (Germany)
  • 1985: London (United Kingdom)
  • 1981: Santa Clara (USA)