Drowning Report

World Drowning Congress 2002

Attached to this page are the summary resolutions of the World Drowning Congress which took place in Amsterdam in 2002.

ILS Drowning Report

Also attached is the ILS Drowning Report published in 2007. The report aims to define the current global drowning problem, to identify the current state of drowning mortality data collection, to provide strategies to enhance and encourage better data collection and to provide opportunities for global learning from case profiles of countries with well- developed reporting systems and mechanisms.

The Global report on drowning: preventing a leading killer

ILS recognizes all those who contributed to the production of the Global Report on Drowning, through the editorial and advisory committees. Specifically, we congratulate Dr David Meddings (Executive Editor) on achieving such as substantial Report.

Members of the editorial and advisory committee include:

Editorial committee
Dr. David Meddings MD, Dr. Adnan A. Hyder MD, Dr. Joan Ozanne-Smith, Dr. Aminur Rahman MD.

Advisory committee
Dr. Stephen Beerman MD (ILS Past President), Prof. Dr. Joost Bierens PhD & MD (ILS Medical Committee), Lauren S Blum, Anuradha Bose, Christine M. Branche, Ruth Brenner, Alfredo Celis, Richard C. Franklin, Jonathan P. Guevarra, Olive Kobusingye, Michael Linnan, Kevin Moran, Dr. Linda Quan MD (ILS Medical Committee), AKM Fazlur Rahman, Frederick Rivara, Justin Scarr (ILS Drowning Prevention Committee), Gordon S Smith.

The Global report on drowning: preventing a leading killer” and related materials in various languages may be found on the website of the World Health Organization.

A Chinese translation was kindly provided to us by Mr. Morrie Chiang of the Chinese Taipei Water Life Saving Association.