Life Saving Association of Sri Lanka exists 56 years

On 15 June 2003 the Lifesaving Association of Sri Lanka celebrated their 56th Anniversary and an analysis of their records showed that over this period of time their lifesavers had carried out 2,342 recorded rescues.

Their Annual Report for 2002-2003 also shows that in May 2003 a number of the Association’s lifesavers were involved in carrying out rescues during the largest flood since 1947.

Over a 3-day period, a life saving team using a boat, their rescue boards and lifesaving rescue rings were able to save more than 300 lives. The floods were so severe that a number of people were stranded on their rooftops for 2-3 days and others were stung by sea serpents and similar creatures. Many of those stranded also received food from the lifesavers.

Mr Sumanasire the District Chief of the Association for the Galle Region stated:
“I was able to galvanise lifesavers from around the area to operate my small motorboat and they were able to transport about 204 people from the danger of drowning to areas of safety”.

The Life Saving Association of Sri Lanka is the national body for Life Saving and Water Safety from Sri Lanka and became member of WLS in 1973.