Nivea Cup in Germany

The Nivea Cup will be held at the Baltic Sea in the city of Warnemünde.

The event is organised and managed by the German Life Saving Federation (DLRG-DVV).

The competitions will be held from 15-17 July at the beach in front of the “Teepott” building and the lighthouse.

Eligible are club teams of the DLRG and the national teams of water safety organisations member of ILS. These teams consist of minimum one and maximum 10 competitors (5 male and 5 female). The minimum age is 15.

The competitions will be held according to the international rules of ILS.

The following events will be held: Surf Race, Board Race, Surf Ski Race, Ironwoman, Beach Sprint, Beach Flags, Board Rescue, Rescue Tube Rescue Race, 4 x 90 m Beach Relay, Taplin Relay.