Swim to Survive Video

The Ontario Branch of the Lifesaving Society of Canada has just released a new 3 minute Swim to Survive Video which is available on YouTube in 8 languages – English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, and Portuguese.

The video was the brain child of police, fire and other emergency workers in the wake of the 2010 drowning of 4-year-old Avery Pringle.

Grade 3 students from Peterborough’s Queen Mary Public School demonstrate the Swim to Survive skills. A 30-second PSA and a 1-minute version are being distributed to cable stations across the country.

What is Swim to Survive?

Swim to Survive is a Lifesaving Society of Canada survival training program. The Society defines the minimum skills needed by all Canadians to survive an unexpected fall into deep water. These are expressed in a skill sequence in the Canadian Swim to Survive Standard.

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