At the Sportaccord meetings held in Saint Petersburg – Russia, the elections of the new Council of the Association of IOC Recognised International Sports Federations (abbreviated ARISF) took place.

ARISF counts 33 International Sports Federations and represents many hundreds of millions of members in all countries of the World, ARISF includes sports such as automobile sports, powerboating, air sports, squash, karate, netball, motorcycling, bowls, cricket, dance sport, surfing, underwater sports, baseball, lifesaving, etc…, etc…

The ARISF Council is now composed of six people as follows:

  • President: Dott. Raffaele Chiulli (Italy) from the International Union of Powerboating.
  • Vice-President Fernando Aguerre (Argentina) from the International Surfing Association.
  • Secretary General Riccardo Fraccari (Italy) from the International Baseball Federation.
  • Member: Mrs Molly Rhone (Jamaica) from the International Netball Federation.
  • Member Dr. Keith D. Calkins PhD (USA) from the International Racquetball Federation.
  • Member: Dr. Harald Vervaecke PhD (Belgium) from the International Life Saving Federation.

ILS sincerely congratulates the elected Council Members. Our worldwide lifesaving movement is especially happy and proud with the election of its Secretary General Dr. Harald Vervaecke PhD as ARISF Council Member.

We hope that his expertise and vast knowledge of the World of Sport will be useful for ARISF and its 33 member international sports federations.

We are convinced that the new Council of ARISF will significantly increase the place this fine movement deserves in the World of Sport.

Lifesaving is happy for the confidence that many of these federations gave to our Secretary General and to Lifesaving.