Updated ILS Competition Rulebook published

The ILS Sport Commission has now finished updating the ILS Competition Rulebook that will be used in the Lifesaving World Championships in 2022. These updated rules can be used from now for any event. The new version has been published and is available for download on the Rules and Regulations webpage:

ILS Competition Rules and Regulations

You will also find there translated versions of the ILS Competition Rulebook which are produced by volunteers from member organisations. The latest translated version has been provided in Japanese by the Japanese Lifesaving Association. Note that the official English version remains the source document in the need for any final arbitration of the rules.

2 Comments on "Updated ILS Competition Rulebook published"

  1. Hi and I would like know every new rules and any new information and changes in ils if it’s possible. Thanks for your kindness. Your sincerely
    Moghimi Saeed from Iran

    • John Martin | 10th March 2021 at 10:44 pm |

      The changed rules are shaded in yellow throughout the updated version. Also at the start of the Rulebook there is a section that explains the main changes and which sections have been amended. This should help you understand what is new.

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