10 Years since the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami of 2011

Today, March 11, 2021, marks the exact date 10 years ago when Japan experienced a huge earthquake and subsequent tsunami that caused a lot of deaths and destruction.

The unprecedented earthquake of Magnitude 9.0 and the Tsunami which hit the Tohoku coast took 19,729 lives, and left 2,559 people missing, and 6,233 injured. More than 90% of the causes of death were from drowning.

Our colleagues at the Japan Lifesaving Association have established their own ‘Water Safety Week’ to mark this day:


Visit their Facebook site to see their reflections on water safety and preparing for disasters that they want to share with lifesavers all over the world. https://www.facebook.com/JapanLifesavingAssociation/posts/4501145993245334