The ILS Lifesaving World Championships (LWC) Results Database is live

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the new ILS LWC Results Database which goes live today.

Over the last year, a lot of work has been undertaken to collate all LWC results from 1994 and display these on the ILS Website. The results are a matter of public historical record, but due to each LWC being hosted by a different organisation, the published results were inconsistently set out and formatted. The work of updating and putting into a consistent format has now been completed.

At the same time, the small team working on that initiative has created this extensive database of the results, to offer all lifesaving athletes, team managers and club administrators the opportunity to see all of their individual and team results, from all the events in which they have participated, summarised in one place.

All individual and team results can be viewed, printed or downloaded as desired by any individual. Access is free to all using this link: ILS Lifesaving Sport

It also offers the chance to view all the results of all finals held at any LWC, including all the medal winners and place-getters from each event. At this stage, it contains all the results of more than 10,000 lifesaving athletes who participated in:

  • National Teams – Open from 1994 and Youth from 2012
  • Interclub Teams – Open from 1998 (1994 and 1996 not yet all held) and Youth from 2012
  • Masters – from 1998 (1996 not yet held)

Later updates will include all IRB results from 1996 and Surfboat results from 1994 where known. It is also planned to include a team/club view so that all results relating to a team/club can also be summarised in one place.

The team has provided a short User Guide to using the LWC Results Database. The system can be easily accessed on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile/Cell Phone with an Internet Browser.

We must also point out that the original results on which the database has been built, have been compiled by many different people since 1994 using a variety of inputs from paper to computer.  Therefore it is inevitable that there may be some errors in the way a name is displayed.    

Some results, particularly from the early years do not contain the names of the individuals who were in the team events.  Where a name is known it has been included. Sometimes the first name of the individual in the team event is not known.

Therefore we encourage all users to use the built-in “flagging“ system to notify the team where a result is displayed incorrectly so that it can be corrected.  The User Guide explains how to do this.

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  1. Gigantic, monumental and outstanding work for sporting, training, scholarly and historical purposes. Very many congratulations to the unsung heroes that were involved in this project. Well done. Thank you for your vision, input and inspiration!

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