Kenya Lifesaving Federation

The conception of the lifesaving federation dates back to 1991 when lifeguards at the YMCA held a meeting at the Nairobi central YMCA under the guidance of Mr. Job Kania and Ted Wamunyu, then the lifesaving instructors of the YMCA lifesaving programme.

After several meetings between 1991 and 1993, the Kenya Lifesaving Association was formed (KLA), but due to the large number of swimming instructors/teachers compared to lifeguards, subsequent meeting changed KLA into Kenya Swimming Coaches Association (KSCA).

The KLA became an ad hoc committee called aquatic committee within the KSCA. The KSCA moved to be officially registered in 1998.

KLLA dates thus back to 1996 as an aquatic committee of KSCA that later on drafted its own independent Constitution and submitted their application to the registar of societies government of Kenya on 4 December 2000.

KLLA was officially registered with the government in 2003. In January 2007 there was a change in the constitution and KLLA became KLF, Kenya Lifesaving Federation. The new constitution and bye laws were adopted from the ILS.


To serve the Kenyan aquatic community to the best of our abilities.


The Kenya lifesaving and lifeguards association is the finest professional lifesaving authority in Kenya. We are a professional association based on a central theme of water safety through professional lifesaving and creating water safety awareness.

We provide lifesaving to the Kenya aquatic community at all levels. We are dedicated to creating and enhancing future oriented, visible and well communicated solutions that are effective in strengthening and improving the lifeguarding profession and Kenyan lifesaving.

The Kenya Life Saving Association became corresponding member of FIS in 1991 and was transformed into the Kenya Life Saving and Lifeguarding Association in 2000. The latter became Full Member of ILS on 19 September 2006.


ILS Africa - ILS Full Member

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P.O. Box 10268-00200

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Last Updated: 23rd August 2022