Water Rescue Society of Ukraine


  • 1872 the first voluntary Water Rescue Society appeared in Russia. The head of its board was admiral Konstantin Posyet. He was a famous scientist and navigator. He took part in many expeditions across the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, Barents and Mediterranean Sea. On his initiative many life-saving stations were founded on the seaboard, the river and lake coasts of Russia; the lighthouses were built.
    During the first 45 years of the activity of the Water Recue Society around 12000 people were saved and 931 ship-wrecks were staved off. It took part in many international exhibitions and contests and got a lot of rewards for its life-saving technologies. In 1904 on the international exhibition in Paris it was awarded by the Grand Prix for the best life-saving techniques. Among the members of the Water Rescue Society there were such famous people as the radio inventor Popov, the writer Maksim Gorkiy, admiral Makarov and the great painter Ayvazovskiy, who gave his 10 paintings to the Society as a gift.
  • 1925 : a new decree “About the organisation of the water rescue cause on the territory of the USSR” was issued.
  • 1928 : the statute of the Water Rescue Society was approved and the Board of Directors was chosen.
  • 27.01.1970 : a decree about the foundation of the Republican Water Rescue Society of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was issued. During 20 years the Water Rescue Society was very active and saved many human lives. More than 20 mln. People were members of the Water Rescue Society. As the USSR disintegrated, the Republican Water Rescue Society of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was re-registered to the Ukrainian Water Rescue Society.
  • 07.12.1992 : the new Ukrainian Water Rescue Society was founded.
  • 22.03.1999 : the new wording of the Statute was approved.
  • 2003 : the UWRS consists of Crimean Republican Council, 24 regional Councils, Kyiv City and Sevastopol City Councils, the Diving Rescue Service and the Plant of the water rescue equipment. The Councils are further divided in 161 district administrations and 2024 primary organisations.
  • 2004 : The UWRS is accepted as Full Member of ILS.


There are two types of membership in the UWRS: individual and corporate (organisations).
The total amount of individual members is over 15,000 persons.
The total amount of the corporate members is over 100 organisations.


Over 30,000 persons learned to swim, and over 8,000 water rescue experts are prepared per year.

The following communication and promotion works has been carried out: over 70 TV speeches, over 350 radio speeches, over 220 published articles. over 1,000 new UWRS stands have appeared and over 9,500 leaflets and booklets have been published.


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