Surf Life Saving British Virgin Islands

Surf Life Saving British Virgin Islands is an association with an objective of promoting a culture of aquatic life saving and water safety, developing life saving and swimming education, not only to reduce deaths by drowning but to promote opportunity and a healthy pastime.

In 2006, as part of the beginning to beach and ocean safety education in the territory, a logo competition for children was held. The winning entry depicted an island scene with two lifeguards and their rescue boards ready to enter the water. The logo is now worn by Lifeguards and forms the Logo for Surf Life Saving British Virgin Islands.

Located in the leeward island chain of the Caribbean, The British Virgin Islands archipelago numbers more than 40 islands, islets and cays, known as “Nature’s Little Secrets”. The crystal blue waters around them forming one of the most popular sailing locations in the World and often called the “Sailing Capital of the Caribbean”. There are an amazing variety of islands each one having unique charms and attractions.

Many of the islands have stunning beaches, during the winter months the north shore beaches are often affected by Atlantic swells. Although having a rich tradition of boating, sailing and fishing a large percentage of the population are unable to swim. Progressive swimming instruction and the operation of the Surf Life Saving Club combined with public safety education are our priorities.


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Postal Address

Surf Life Saving British Virgin Islands (SLSBVI)
Road Town - PO Box 3323
British Virgin Islands

Phone: +1 284 468 2700

Fax: +1 284 494 2670



Last Updated: 23rd August 2022