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German Red Cross NHQ

The German Red Cross (GRC) is the National Red Cross Society of the Federal Republic of Germany. It was founded at national level in 1920. The first Red Cross Society in Germany was founded in 1870 in our state Baden-Württemberg.

The activities of the GRC are various. It works at different fields like rescue services, first aid, disaster preparedness, social- and welfare services. It runs hospitals and blood-donation-centres.

Since 1883 the German Red Cross is involved in lifesaving at water and built up water rescue-units at that time. In 1945, after 2nd World War the units were renamed “Wasserwacht” (waterguard).

Today the Wasserwacht of the German Red Cross has roundabout 130.000 Members, nearly half of that is acting actively as volunteers. The Wasserwacht is active in educating swimming, rescue boat services, rescue swimming, diving, first aid, sanitary services and nature protection. The Wasserwacht serves at public pools, at seashore and lakes especially in season. In case of emergencies and disaster the Wasserwacht runs special units called water rescue units.


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