The International Life Saving Federation would like to acknowledge a useful resource for those interested in the many aspects of Injury Prevention science: the weekly injury prevention literature review and abstract service called ‘SafetyLit’.

SafetyLit’s vision is to include every article relevant to injury prevention and safety promotion that is published in any journal with text or abstract in English. It is a service of the Centre for Injury Prevention Policy and Practice at the San Diego State University (USA) in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

The service is a free subscription to organizations and individuals.

From the SafetyLit website:

The SafetyLit vision is to include every article relevant to injury prevention and safety promotion that is published in any journal with text or abstract in English.

The headings (defined below) under which the summaries are categorized are not intended to be exhaustive or mutually exclusive. They were selected to make it convenient for readers who have an interest limited to one or two specialties.

SafetyLit includes summaries of reports about injury occurrence and risk factors. Articles are considered relevant if they concern any of the pre-event or event elements of the Haddon Matrix; the epidemiology of injury; or the financial, personal, or societal costs or consequences of the any injury or risk factor.

Articles concerning treatment for injuries or complications of medical care are excluded except when the article also contains information on one of the inclusion criteria. We also include reports on other topics that may help a reader to make decisions about research or prevention strategies and priorities.

The criteria for selecting report for inclusion are simple. If the answer to any of the following questions is “yes”, then the report is likely to be included:

  • a. Do the SafetyLit reviewers find the report interesting?
  • b. Are SafetyLit readers likely to hear of a report from a colleague and want to respond knowledgeably?
  • c. Are SafetyLit readers likely to be questioned about the report from a member of the population they serve?
  • d. Does the report contain findings that are likely to be used by an adversary to oppose the actions or recommendations of a SafetyLit reader?

Reports summarized in each SafetyLit Update are NOT screened for quality. Even when we believe that there are methodological errors that affect the research findings or when we disagree with the implications, we attempt to provide an objective summary of the report.

Material in the ‘comments’ section of each report’s summary is provided by the author(s) of the report — not by SafetyLit.

How can I Obtain an Article? Does SafetyLit Provide Article Reprints?

Our agreements with journal publishers do not allow us to provide reprints of any material under copyright. When available we provide a “doiâ„¢” that links directly to the article online. Each article’s citation includes a link to the journal publisher’s website when a doi is not available. Please consult your library. You may be able to obtain a reprint at no or low cost. Links to publishers where reprints may be purchased are provided as a convenience. SafetyLit does not receive any income from a publisher’s sale of article reprints or journal subscriptions.

Residents of developing nations may be able to obtain full text copies of many of the journal articles listed in SafetyLit at no or very low cost.

For more information visit the World Health Organization HINARI Program website.