Equivalency Tables Updated

The Equivalency Tables for Full Member Organisations from Algeria, Cameroon, Djibouti, Ghana, Mauritiania, Morocco, Niger, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, the UAE and finally Uganda, have all been updated…

News from Morocco: First Officials Promotion

Under the auspices of ILS and ILS Africa, and as scheduled before, the Royal Moroccan Federation got it’s first Judges promotion. The training was successful with high level of serenity…

Equivalency Table Finland Updated

The Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation added the Equivalency to ILS Instructor Pool Lifeguard for their National Certificate “Kansainvälinen Hengenpelastus Kouluttaja”. All Equivalency Tables can be found at http://www.ilsf.org/certification/equivalency-tables.

Just added: El Salvador Equivalency Table

The new Equivalency Table for El Salvador, AGPES (Asociación de Guardavidas Profesionales de El Salvador) can be found on the Equivalency Tables page. The following 8 qualifications were agreed to…

Cyprus International Certificates

The ILS Rescue Commission has approved the Cyprus Life Saving Federation‘s application for accreditation of awards. The equivalency table is posted at http://www.ilsf.org/content/equivalency-tables.