July 2014

Creating a drowning chain of survival

A paper, “Creating a drowning chain of survival” was published in Resuscitation Journal authored by David Szpilman, Jonathon Webber, Linda Quan, Joost Bierens, Luiz Morizot-Leite, Stephen John Langendorfer, Steve Beerman,…

Rescue 2014 NZ Team

The NZ Team has been announced for Rescue 2014. http://www.surflifesaving.org.nz/news/2014/july/chairman-announces-nz-team/ Dear Members, I am pleased to announce that the following athletes have been selected for the New Zealand Team who…

Rescue 2014 Programmes

Detailled Rescue 2014 programmes are now online! Please check the Rescue 2014 website at http://www.rescue2014.fr/web/en/4-programme.php.