ILS Medical Webinar

Topic: “Do C-collars have a role in modern lifeguarding?" A debate by experts on the benefits of cervical spine immobilisation using cervical collars in the management of patients with suspected cervical spine injury. Dr Gary Payinda Emergency Medicine/Pre-hospital and Retrieval Medicine Specialist Medical Committee Chair, International Life Saving Federation Medical Director for Surf Life Saving […]

ILS Rescue Webinar

Topic: "How to manage flood impact – based on UN Sendia Report on being resilient and prepared" Format: 20 mins 10 mins for Qs Presented by Adrian Mayhew Host: Adam Weir Question Management: Jo Talbot Topic: "Technology in Lifesaving - types of technology that is available in the world of lifesaving with examples from across […]

ILS Education Webinar

David Szpilman will talk about a “Recycled CPR manikin” (presentation and questions or discussion). Kasir Moallem will talk about “Removal of a C-Spine injury without the backboard from the pool” (presentation and questions or discussion). Ismael Sanz will talk about “Teaching our field of knowledge to people who have difficulties to reach it” (presentation and […]

International Polish Rescue Cup July 2022


ILSE Member WOPR invites for the Polish Rescue Cup in July 2022 in Mielenko, Poland. 202207 International_Polish_Rescue_Cup 202207 International_Polish_Rescue-Cup official_invitation 202207 International_Polish_Rescue_Cup_Mielenko

Summer Spanish Championships

XXXIV Summer Spanish Championships under 12 and under 14, July 23-24, 2022 XXXIV Summer Spanish Championships Youth and Junior July 25-27, 2022 XXXIV Summer Spanish Championships Senior July 29-30, 2022   All competitions will take place in Castro-Urdiales, Cantabria, Orinon Beach.

WDPD 2022

World Drowning Prevention Day 2022  

Nordic Baby Swim Conference

Espoo, Finland

The Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation will host the next Nordic Baby Swim Conference in Espoo, Finland in 26-28 August 2022. The international conference will focus on the healing effects of touch, different aspects of safety in baby swim and how playfulness can contribute to learning. It will be a combination of theory and […]

Spanish Championships per regions

XXX Spanish Championships per regions Senior and II Spanish Championship per regions under 14: Both Competition will take place in Coruna, Galicia.

2022 Lifesaving World Championships


The 2022 Lifesaving World Championships will take place in the city of Riccione in the North of Italy. The event is hosted by our member federation, the Federazione Italiana Nuoto (Sezione Salvamento) (FIN-S) from 15/09 to 05/10/2022. The following will be conducted: The ILS Preparatory, Commission and Committee Meetings from 14/09 to 17/09. The ILS […]

Rescue World Cup 2022

Stadio del Nuoto Riccione Via Monte Rosa, 60, Riccione, Rn

The Federazione Italiana Nuoto (Sezione Salvamento) is pleased to host a “RESCUE WORLD CUP” event in Riccione, Italy from Wednesday 21 September to Monday 26 September 2022. This event will be held alongside the ILS Lifesaving World Championships (LWC) 2022 for Masters competitors in Riccione, Italy. It offers an opportunity for all those who are […]