Asocación Nacional en Savamento Acuático de Guatemala

National Life Saving Association of Guatemala

The National Life Saving Association of Guatemala was created by seeing the latent need in the region of the lack of human material for the water rescue for which many people died by drowning went there where a group of 7 volunteers in 2009 began to carry out the process to create such an association in this process we find many obstacles, but we never gave up as we had so much.

Remember that many Guatemalan and foreign families are in danger already that the government does not issue letters about drowning, it was until 2013 that we grant a benefit to be able to create volunteers but simply with the association in formation but that filled us with encouragement since we knew that the goal was near and we continued training more people creating more Lifeguard points on beaches and some lakes in the region and it was until 26 June 2019 where the registry of the Legal entities of Guatemala the association authorizes us and now we have 180 volunteers who find aquatic safety borrowed in 18 departments of our country to reduce the drowning death rate.


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Postal Address

Casa 3H Sector Las Margaritas, Residenciales San José,
San José Pinula
502 - Guatemala

Phone: +502 4008-6064


Last Updated: 23rd August 2022