St John Rescue Corps

St John Rescue Corps (SJRC) is a voluntary organisation founded in 1986 to meet the need in Malta of a support civil defence unit consisting of adult volunteers fully trained in rescue and first aid.

Our volunteers assist in many emergency and community services. The organisation also provides backup rescue services to the Civil Protection Department (CPD). Through its fleet of fire trucks and trained volunteers, the Corps assists the CPD: to combat large fires and fireworks factory explosions and to rescue people and salvage property during

Our rescue teams regularly cover community events including: national festivals & concerts, sports events, and village feasts. SJRC also has a high-angle rescue team which provides specialised rescue from heights as well as a water rescue team which provides inshore rescue services and lifeguarding duties at beaches and swimming pools.

SJRC, together with St John Ambulance First Aid & Nursing and St John Training, forms part of St John Association Malta.


ILS Europe - ILS Associate Member

Postal Address

St John Rescue Corps
Fort Madalena, Madliena Road
SWQ1013 Madliena

Phone: +356 79461527



Last Updated: 23rd August 2022