Asociación de Guardavidas de Panamá

Panama Lifeguard Association

The Association of Lifeguards of Panama is the non-profit organization that since its inception on January 15, 1999, has directed great efforts to seek the modernization, strengthening and promotion of water rescue as an activity of protection to the population that goes to the recreational waters established and public access, through the recognition of this as a profession and the improvement and evolution of the Lifeguard as a suitable executor in the field and guarantor of such responsibility.

Our main mission is to meet the needs of aquatic rescue in Panama, and now recently in Latin America; guiding efforts for the integration and formation of sister associations as well as supporting the strengthening of existing ones, which like us seek the development of people trained in this profession by providing services and activities that put us on par with first world countries, as well as the awareness of the population in the proper and safe use of aquatic areas for recreation and sport, instruction in basic primary care of emergencies in communities or workplaces and care of the aquatic environment.


ILS Americas - ILS Full Member

Postal Address

La Chorrera, Corregimiento de Balboa
1014 Panamá

Phone: +5076379-2028



Last Updated: 27th October 2022