Federação Portuguesa de Nadadores Salvadores

Portuguese Lifesaving Federation

The Portuguese Lifesaving Federation born in 2008, created by the Portuguese Lifeguard Associations, with main objective to prevent drowning.

Since 2009 organizes national championships of aquatic rescue sport, in partnership with the “Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos” (Portuguese ILS Full Member), has participated in the South American Lifesaving Championships in 2010 and in the European Lifesaving Junior Championships in 2015. Annually organizes 3 national lifesaving championships (beach, junior and pool), with the purpose of obtaining new lifeguards, contribute to a better preparation of existing lifeguards and conduct public education through junior championship.

In the rescue area has carried out partnerships with private entities for the development of Portuguese water rescue (eg protocol with AED companies, protocol for use of oxygen rescue, etc.) and contributed to the operational improvement of the lifeguard associations.

In Education has since 2009 a training center that performs several additional training to the lifeguard, organizes national conferences, promotes the creation of studies and participates in national and international conferences, including the World Conference on Drowning Prevention since 2007. Also in this area develops the national junior lifeguard program.

To the legislative area has contributed to the creation of new legislation, through frequent meetings with the parliamentary groups, highlighting the tremendous development that the Portuguese legislation has had in recent years in drowning prevention area.

Finally in the area of public relations, it is positioned as a partner entity of the “Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos” in the prevention of drowning, often collaborating accordingly. It represents and defends the Portuguese Lifeguard Associations and has protocol with the Sports University of Rio Maior.

It is an entity that:

  1. Collaborates in rescue and relief operations in aquatic environments and any other where requested to do so, as well as the dissemination of doctrines, techniques and accident prevention materials in aquatic environments;
  2. It brings together and represents the Lifeguard Associations in the promotion and defense of how much care the dignity of the various forms of first aid;
  3. It contributes to the development of the Training and Awareness in Aquatic Rescue and Safety;
  4. Encourages the development of the practice of sport Rescue swimming, and any application recommended by ILS, regulating its technical aspects and organizing championships and competitions;
  5. Encourages the strengthening of camaraderie and cooperation ties between the elements that make up the frames of its members and encourage more friendly relations between them and other rescue institutions, domestic and foreign;
  6. It encourages, supports and promotes the creation of Lifeguard Associations and their approvals in places where this is justified and still strive for it to develop the equipping of existing ones;
  7. Participates in central coordinating body of national rescue;
  8. Promotes the achievement and defense of all just claims and rights of their members;
  9. Promotes the performance of the technical quality of lifeguards and ensure the maintenance, among them a high humanitarian spirit;
  10. Promote the implementation of measures to support its members, particularly in the areas of training, information and rationalization of resources;
  11. Promotes on its own or in collaboration with public and private entities carrying out initiatives to dignify all forms of rescue, national, regional and local levels;
  12. Promotes, encourages and participates in the regulation of all forms of rescue;
  13. Represents the Lifeguard Associations within and outside the country;
  14. Calls and proposes to the Government and other authorities (Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos);
  15. It makes its members adopt legislative or executive measures deemed essential to the efficiency of the rescue services and the development of the activity of their supporting structures;
  16. Takes study initiatives on the most efficient techniques of rescue according to the progress of science and technology and ensure that their findings have practical applications.


ILS Europe - ILS Associate Member

Postal Address

Santo Antonino
2100-042 Coruche

Phone: +351 919 638575

Fax: +351 243 618565

E-mail: fepons@fepons.org

Website: http://www.fepons.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/federacaoport.nadadoressalvadores

Last Updated: 23rd August 2022