Russian Society of Saving on Water

VOSVOD was founded in the year 1872 by the degree of the Emperor Alexander II. In 1917 the organisation has become well known and famous.

After the Russian Revolution in 1928 the society was rebuilt and has worked hard and very active until 1943. The President of the Soviet Union Mr. Kalinin was the Chairman of VOSVOD at that time.

After World War II VOSVOD has worked hard in every state service and was reconstructed in 1970 as a public organisation of the Russian Federation.

Up to nowadays VOSVOD works as a public, non-profit and non-governmental organisation for lifesaving. We train instructors, educate swimming, lifesaving and diving.


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Postal Address

PO Box 271
101000 Moskva

Phone: +495 5174296

Fax: +495 9770166

E-mail: vosvod-centr@mail.ru

Website: http://vosvod.info/

Last Updated: 23rd August 2022