Fédération Togolaise de Natation et de Sauvetage (FETONAS)

Togo Association of Swimming and Lifesaving

The FETONAS is a sports and humanitarian Not for Profit Organisation. It fights against drowning through the promotion of swimming, water rescue and first aid in Togo. It gives outreach in schools and around beaches and lakes, and swimming and rescue lessons to youngsters.

Our organization was formed by 15 March 2011 and recognised by Government legislation N°0861/MATDCL-SG-DLPAP-DOCA on August 24, 2011. During our General Assembly in May 2012, we decided to change the name of our association in order to broaden the fields of activities. Our initial name ‘Club de Natation et de Sauvetage de Lomé’ became ‘Association Togolaise de Sauvetage et de Secourisme ATSS’ on 25 October 2012. In 2023 our name changed to “Fédération Togolaise de Natation et de Sauvetage (FETONAS)”. This change was required by the Togo national Olympic Committee.



ILS Africa - ILS Full Member

Postal Address

23 BP 174 Lomé

Phone: +228 90 11 19 44

E-mail: togo.atss@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ATSS-146660225436127/

Last Updated: 30th May 2023