Fédération Tunisienne des Activités Subaquatiques et de Sauvetage Aquatique – الغوص لأنشطة التونسية الجامعة

Tunisian Federation of Underwater Activities and Aquatic Lifesaving

Federation of Underwater Activities in Tunisia (FAST) was established in 1989 and framed at the beginning, two diving clubs, one in Port El Kantaoui and the other at Tabarka.

Over the years, our Federation has tried to develop underwater activities such as scuba diving and multiply the number of affiliated clubs.

Today FAST has over 25 clubs contracted except sports associations.

FAST has also sought to promote these activities to Tunisian youth to enjoy this political momentum in favour of the overall development of sports in the country.

Our Federation has tried for 16 years to develop its activities by organizing various regional and national events not only in the field of diving, but also in other activities such as swimming with flippers, apnea , underwater photography … with a varied program (championships, courses, tournaments …)

Recognizing the importance of safety, preservation of the marine environment, the development of a new tourism and new sports, our Federation has implemented various specialized commissions: “Environment and Marine Biology”, “Medical” “Swimming with fins”, “Diving”, “Audiovisual”, which also work to strengthen weak links with industry professionals.

Besides the achievements at the national level, FAST also enjoys an international reputation:
As a member of the World Confederation of Underwater Activities “CMAS”, itself a member of the Olympic Committee, UNESCO and WWF, FAST reflects a positive image of Tunisia within this international organization.

Ensuring better develop this picture, our Federation has developed partnership agreements with several international organizations including the Arab Union of Underwater Activities and Rescue, the Italian Federation of Sport Fishing and Underwater Activities, the Spanish Federation of Underwater Activities, the Algerian Federation of Rescue, First Aid and Underwater Activities …

Our Federation remains conscious of the need for the development and monitoring of its activities and implement all the means for achieving this goal.


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Postal Address

Piscine Olympique El Menzeh
Level 4, T.U.C. Building, BP, 46
1082 Cité Mahrajene

Phone: +216 71 867 487

Fax: +216 71 893 224

E-mail: contact@fast.com.tn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fast.tn/

Last Updated: 23rd August 2022